Honor Code Compliant

Posted on 8/14/2013
Tweak My Paper meets the honor codes of universities and colleges across the country.  At Tweak My Paper, our professional network of editors do not write the paper for you.  They also do not change the substance of your ideas - and this is what's key to meeting honor code compliancy.  Our editors proofread the paper and using Word Track Changes highlight for you all of their suggested changes in grammar, punctuation, tense of verbs, flow, etc.  Then the editors use Comments to denote areas that the author may want to consider in their rewrite.  An example of this might be a comment that says that between these two paragraphs you need to create a transition sentence or paragraph. Or another example might be a comment that says this paragraph is incomprehensible as written - try again using less words with a clearer purpose.  At this point the editor saves this draft of the paper as a redline version.  In the redline version you can see the suggested changes and comments.  Then the editor incorporates all of the suggested changes and saves the document as Final version.  In the final version, the proofreading edits have been made but the comments remain.  Our clients receive both the redline version, to see the suggested edits, and the final version, with the suggested edits made along with the comments.   Our clients then decide how to proceed with the comments submitted by the editor and implement them if they choose, or delete them if they do not.  

Belinda Bombei