About Our Editing Services

How does your process work?

1.    Create an Account
2.    Upload Your Document, Give Editorial Direction,  Choose Turnaround Time and Pay
3.    Get It Back  - Publication Quality

How fast do you return my document to me?

Our standard turn around time is 48 hours, but we can get it to you faster. Just request 24 hours or overnight service (in by midnight CST, back by 8am).

If my document lacks logic or does not flow well, how can you help me with that?

Our editors will denote suggestions in call out comment boxes in the redline version of the document returned to you.  These call out comments boxes will identify areas that you might want to consider making in your final document.

How can having you edit my document help improve my writing?

When you get your document back, you can clearly see the corrections we have made, so you can improve your future writing projects.  You will be emailed a redline version (which shows the suggested changes to be made) and then a final version where the suggested changes have been incorporated.

If I make last minute changes to my document, are you on hand to help me do a final proof?

We offer an overnight document editing service. In by midnight CST back by 8am.

Will you help me to reduce the word count of my paper?

Your personally assigned editor will be able to point out areas that are repetitive and could be safely removed from your manuscript.

Do you guarantee my document will get published?

Publication is a subjective process, so we are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our services. We do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper for free if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language alone.

How do I collect on your guarantee?

Please e-mail us the same draft of your paper that you submitted to your journal along with all of your reviewers' comments. We will review your files immediately and contact you with additional advice.

How do I get the most accurate word count?

To calculate the word count, you should open a copy of your manuscript and delete any parts that you do not need us to work on. You can also take out any numeric table data. Next, perform a word count on the remaining text using the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word on every file you plan to submit to us and add it all together.

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