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Meet The Network of Professional Editors @ Tweak

Anne Ericksen

Anne is a freelance writer and editor with more than 20 years of experience. She has written for print publications, websites, and blogs, covering various topics such as human interest, women's health, nutrition, real estate, and careers in engineering, business, science, and healthcare.

She has interviewed a wide scope of individuals, including Eileen Collins, the first female Space Shuttle commander, Elizabeth Devine, an inspiration behind CSI, and Dr. David Satcher, a former U.S. Surgeon General.


Rebecca Lay

Rebecca Lay graduated from the University of Michigan and has 10+ years of extensive experience developing and editing presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. Creating, formatting slides and applying themes that will give your presentation the edge it needs is her specialty. In addition, Rebecca can insert illustrations, smart art, multimedia – to include animations and transitions.


Jenny Mertes

Jenny loves working with writers. She has been editing professionally since college—such a long time ago she doesn’t want to tell you—and along with that experience comes a mature perspective on the importance of retaining a writer’s own voice. She even allows the occasional departure from “the rules” when it’s called for, because rules are only valuable when they promote clarity and excellent communication.


Jennie Rix

Jennie earned a degree in creative writing and a major in Communication and a minor in English. She is first and foremost a writer, of both academic and creative works, and as such has ample experience editing not only her own work but also the work of other writers and peers. Academia is her passion and she transfers that to everything she writes and everything she edits.


Kelly-Ann van Setten

Kelly-Ann has a degree in neuroscience,  which gives her broad based experience in academic writing and styling. As such, she is a qualified professional researcher, having primed analytical skill and a depth of experience. She is a member of national professional engineering, scientific, writing and medical writing organizations.


Jeanette Walton

Jeanette is a degree-qualified editor and proofreader with more than 10 years experience in editing academic and research papers, including student theses. Proficient in reviewing general structure and consistency of message in theses/papers, including referencing in various styles, accuracy and attention to detail is guaranteed.


What We Do - And Don't Do In Our Professional Editing Services

At TweakMyWords, our name says what we do – we make your words clearer, stronger, and grammatically correct. We do not do your work for you.

You will find many services that promise to write your paper for you. Buying a paper and turning it in as your work is dishonest. If you are caught you put your integrity into question.

Having your paper edited by one of our editors is a different story. It  is similar to hiring a math tutor or having your friend read over your work for errors. Our professional editors make sure that your paper is clear and free of errors. When you get your paper back, you can clearly see the corrections we have made, so you can improve your future writing projects!

Improve the quality of your paper for the price of a pizza. Submit your paper today for quick, affordable service.